Hi! The figure painting is a fine artwork on any form of painting media. The primary subject of figure painting happens to be the human figure. This arty form has been a subject of fine arts consistently for several centuries, with the earliest evidence dating back to the time of the cave painting made during the Stone Age. With the passage of time, this form of fine art got various timely interpretations and adaptations.

Contrast to the idea of figure drawing that usually features nudity, figure painting, in a majority of the cases depicts historical, allegorical, factual as well as mythological themes. These artworks feature figures in suitable outfits. A portrait painting happens to be a figure painting, focusing on the creation of an impression that closely resembles an individual or even a group of individuals.

Nudity has been the most common theme in western art from the days of classical antiquity. This art form had been missing during the middle ages, however, regained restoration during the period of Renaissance. Historically, oil painting has been the most commonly used media for displaying figure painting works.

Through the blending as well as a layering of paint, the surface takes a close appearance to the skin. Its long drying time, as well as viscosity in variable degrees, permits the artist for achieving subtle and rich blends of textures and shades. It suggests the transformation of a human aspect to another. Though live modeling is the preferred way of working, the time span required for completing a figure painting paved the way for the majority of the painters to adopt photographs as references in contemporary times. Even if a painter is using a live model, he/she would use photographs as references, some time or the other. It is very crucial to keep in mind that figure painting is not exactly the figurative art that usually displays real objects, either humans or animals.

The concept of figure painting has traveled a long way, from the stone era to the contemporary times. After the restoration of the concept during the Renaissance, several new attributes and aspects got added to the basic concept, making it more impeccable.

The contemporary trend in figure painting is Photo-realism. It is a contemporary art movement that originated in the United States. In this form, painters create figure painting works that depict closest resemblance to color photographs. However, these are painting that suggests meticulous detailing. These painting would amaze you with their closest resemblance to the actual object.

With passing time, this art form has got various modifications, each modification adding a different dimension to the basic concept. Likewise, innumerable artists have contributed their best creations to take this art form to the mass. Figure painting has retained its resemblance with the passing time and hence, it is still one of the most popular forms of fine arts. It is obvious that this gallant form of fine arts will still retain its relevance in the forthcoming time as well.

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