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Figure Painting Using Pastel Painting Techniques

As a hobby, figure painting seems to be a unique craft that is popular enough for one to find models of almost everything under the sun. At present, more boardgames come with plastic figures for the purpose of enhancing the game’s experience. Figure painting is so niche such that the methods of doing it are […]


History is full of female artists who were as astounding as their male counterparts at that time but were surprisingly not recognized enough. Historians regard this non-recognition to institutional and societal obstacles that held back women at that time. But now, the times have changed and we have finally come face to face with pieces […]


Everyone thought Leonardo Da Vinci’s work of art, the Salvator Mundi, which means Savior of the World, a painting of Jesus, was long lost. However, the owner of the artwork, whose family bought it for 45 pounds in 1958, took it to an art dealer in New York by the name of Robert Simon in 2005. […]