One of the finest forms of an art form that has retained its relevance over several centuries, Figure painting has been one of the most popular forms of painting work. Hence, it is obvious that people would explore more about figure painting. Hence, it makes sense to explore the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is figure painting?

This is a form of fine artwork, created on various Medias of painting. The human figure is primarily the subject of figure painting. This form of painting has been a top choice in the list of fine arts over a span of few centuries. The first evidence of figure painting would date back not before the stone ages. Probably, the first instance of figure painting is probably the cave paintings. As time gradually passed by, figure painting explored several types of explanations and time modifications.

How nudity relates to figure painting?

In the western school of fine arts, nudity has been the most frequently chosen theme. This has been the practice since the days of classic antiquity. This form of painting got beyond the screen during the middle era. But, once the renaissance came up, figure painting got restored back to the focus and attention of the painters. Since that time, figure painting really got modern, balancing between nudity and clothed figure painting.

How painters tone the canvas for figure drawing?

The needful steps start with coating and subsequently, sanding the canvas with 3 layers of acrylic. The canvas gets toned with gum turpentine, mars black, ultramarine blue as well burnt umber. This gets done to soften the intensity of the acrylic. If this toning layer would not have been made, the contrast between the paint shades and the white acrylic would have enter lapped, making the colors inadequate and hard to detect.

What are the key attributes of figure painting?

The themes of figure painting, in addition to nude figures, involve the allegorical, historical, imaginative and mythological themes.  Figure painting features close resemblance with the objects that can be either a person or a group of persons.

Another key attribute of figure painting is the use of blended paints in multiple layers. As an outcome, the surface gets as realistic as the human skin. You can identify this painting form through its featured subtle & rich blending of textures as well as shades. This is probably the most prominent point that differentiates figure painting from other painting styles.

What is the contemporary trending in figure painting?

If you consider the latest trends in figure painting, it is Photo-realism. Put in simple words, this form in figure painting resembles the realism that is an inherent feature of the photographs. It implies, photo-realistic figure painting would be a perfect replica of the actual object.

The points discussed above uphold the key attributes of figure drawing that will enable you to differentiate it from other forms of painting. You can collate more information about figure drawing and the related topics, conducting some research online.

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