History is full of female artists who were as astounding as their male counterparts at that time but were surprisingly not recognized enough. Historians regard this non-recognition to institutional and societal obstacles that held back women at that time. But now, the times have changed and we have finally come face to face with pieces of art created by some extra ordinary women who are now lost in time.

A figure painting is a painting with a human figure as the primary subject. This subject may be both clothed or nude and is a famous form of art across all painting media. Here we have listed some of the very famous figure paintings by female artists who we have probably never heard of but might as well remember them once we know what they have accomplished.

Detention Girls – A True Inspiration

Detention Girls - Inspirational Manhandling
Detention Girls – Inspirational Manhandling

Detention Girls being a video website featuring the brattiest and most annoying teens could be a big inspiration for all the artists below. Why? Because the manhandling level in this production is absurdly high. And inspiring at the same time. The way these men handle the misbehaving girls is truly something else. Nubiles studio came with this idea of showcasing the graphic interpretation of giving girls a lesson. And they did one hell of a job!

1. Freida Kahlo – Self Portrait With Thorn Necklace And Hummingbird

self-portrait with thorn necklace

Frieda Kahlo was all set to become a medical practitioner but an unfortune accident changes the course of her life and she became one of the most revered female artists the world has seen. She is well known for her vulnerable self portraits and other figure paintings that showcase her anguish and pain that she had to suffer because of the injuries caused by the accident. She once famously said “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best”, and undoubtedly one of her self-portraits has now become a popular figure painting. Her Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird is well known across the globe. Another piece of art which is well known in the world of art is The Two Fridas.


2. Mary Cassatt – The Child’s Bath

the childs bathMary Cassatt is the only American artists who has showcased her work at the Impressionists in Paris She was born and brought up in Pennsylvania, US and traveled to France to study art.

She stayed there for most of her life and became well known for her portrayal of social and private lives of women with a focus on the bond between mothers and their children.

Her most famous work which brought her accolades from everywhere is The Child’s Bath, painted in 1893. Some other masterpieces (figure painting) by this famous artist include Little Girl in Blue Arm Chair and The Boating Party.



3. Tamara De Lempicka – The Model

Tamara Lempicka was a Polish Painter who is well known of her paintings of wealthy people. She mostly did portraits and paintings of aristocratic people engaged in high society scenarios in France and United States. Tamara is one of the well-known artists who specialized in nude and bold paintings.

She studies painting from Andre Lhote and Maurice Denis and her style was mostly neoclassical and cubism. The Model is one of her most popular paintings. Some other masterpieces by her include Kizette On The Balcony, Sleeping Woman and The Girls.

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