The panoramic perspective, of figurative painting, is strong in the present world, not due to the commercial gain behind it, but the manner in which the artists are portraying the silent issues of the society and the issues that we are facing in the present generation. All of us are part of a time when […]


To capture any form of likeness you need to have need to have a good drawing sense, proper color values and make smart choices pertaining to colors. Say for example, when you paint an onion, no one will ask you how it looks as you saw something in front of you. But that is seldom […]


Figure painting is an evolution of the modern form of art and ¬†alot of painters has taken up to this painting like a fish to water. Let us now analyze on some of the renowned figure painting artists that the world has come across. Andy Warhol He was one of the prominent figures in the […]


The primary purpose of figure painting, or the depiction of any kind of figure in art aims at the communication of human experiences. In various cultures, human forms have been found on objects of everyday use, illustrated in an artistic way. These were mainly used for religious purposes and during rituals. Figure painting accounts for […]