If you are a figure painter, it is important for you to know about some essential tips regarding the form of art. Figure painting is a form of representational art in which human figures are focused on, in informal backdrops. Figure painting has a long history and has undergone several changes and merges over time. It is a difficult form of art in which a painters drawing skills are tested. Figure painting has merged with modern art, and all realistic artists focus on the basics of this art for guidance. There are different techniques of figure painting, associated with various strategies and approaches. Here are some crucial figure painting tips which you must know if you are a painter or a figure painting enthusiast:

Draw the picture of the model 40 times

It is essential to draw the models of any figure painting around 40 times, per session. This can be done in several different ways. You can draw the model directly on the canvas, in the air on top of the canvas, or while you are painting.

Focus on your strengths

It is recommended for you to start with areas of a figure painting, which are the easiest to make, or the ones which has no sense or meaning. If you can observe and respond to a shape instantly, you should go ahead with it. It is essential for you to focus on the areas in which you are the strongest. There are no right way or wrong way, and the most suitable way matters.

Judgement of your progress

It is also very important for you to stop and assess what you have drawn several times during the painting process. You can set up a mirror behind you and view your painting via it. This will make you see your work from a new or different perspective.  You can also compare your work with paintings by Old Masters, side by side for analyzing how close you are towards the depiction you are planning.

Clean up your palette frequently

During a session of figure painting, you should clean your painting palette very often. You have to wipe down the palette’s center and the other outer areas. This will enable you to start fresh and your painting will not be affected by the previous color mixtures on the palette. Instead of wasting old paint, you can separate and keep them. Red, yellow, and blue piles of paint can be used later for mixing gray color mixes.

There is a lot to learn about the art and techniques of figure painting. You can also avail other resources such as books by different artists and books based on art. There are many books which are available in the market, which contains guides, tips and suggestions for figure painters. It is also very important for you to observe and study classical figure paintings by the most renowned artists of the world. Observing classic figure painting examples will develop an awareness about using spaces, different types of compositions, themes. Making comparisons, analyzing minute details, and trying to understand an artist’s approach towards his painting are very important for you to progress as a figure painter.

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